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Shift Concussion Management

Sport-related concussion has become a major public health concern among youth. Additionally, it is well established that concussions tend to go underreported in youth sports, and this stems, in part, from a lack of knowledge of both the signs and symptoms of a concussion and the proper management of the injury.

Our clinic is a trained provider of the Shift Concussion Management Program: an advanced approach to concussion awareness and management.

We offer a comprehensive program that brings together healthcare practitioners, athletes, organizations, and leagues to provide education, raise awareness, and most importantly, aid in the proper management of concussive injury.

Services include:​

  • Post-injury Assessment and Injury Management:

    • Injury education, home instruction, and resting strategies

    • Manual therapy and physical rehabilitation

    • Physical exertion testing and training for safe return-to-sport

  • Concussion education seminars and resources for athletes, parents, trainers, and coaches

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